#Ichargesmart van Jedlix

Charge an electric car based on the balance between demand and supply of renewable energy. That is what the app #ichargesmart of Jedlix does.



It's important that the ICT systems, the charging infrastructure and the network are completely protected

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Flexpower Capacity

Gain experience with and researching the possibilities of flexible charging at the best moments for the user and the grid.


Flexpower Energy

We research different ways to control and steer the charging process which makes optimal use of flexibility.



Realizing and using the first inductive charging solution in semi-public space.


Interflex (EU Horizon2020)

A European program to further develop smart grids.


INVADE (EU Horizon2020)

Smart system of renewable energy storage based on integrated EV's and batteries to empower mobile, distributed and centralised energy storage in the distribution grid.


National Benchmark Smart Charging

Research on the potential of Smart Charging by analyzing current public charging sessions


Drive Smart Together

To what extent do people want to share an electric car? How can this car be charged smart with local renewable energy?


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