Here comes the sun

Can you think of and develop a system that links the production of solar energy at home or work to your charging session? That way, your excess solar power provides you with guaranteed renewable electricity for your vehicle.

In this challenge, supported by the Province of Noord-Brabant, you will work on a system that takes user input and a local energy source, such as solar panels, adds forecasting and creates a charging profile to be sent to a charging station via OCPI.

Please keep this on repeat while you work on this one:
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

Required skills: coding (we'll provide you with APIs and descriptions, but feel free to bring and use your own)

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Interface documentation (OCPI 0.4 pdf)

OCPI-examples (docx)


Talking cars are our favourite ever since KITT appeared on our screens in the '80s, right? But what if cars could not only talk to each other but to the energy system as well? That way, they could autonomously distribute energy without the need for a central system. Obviously, all actors need to tune to the same frequency. Do you have the right pitch?

In this challenge, supported by DSO Enexis and research partner ElaadNL, you will build a prototype of an IOTA talking vehicle. Let your vehicles talk to the substation and to each other, in order to match the charging profiles to the cars' needs and the grid's capability.

Required skills: coding, first experience with IOTA is welcome. Bring your own gear like Raspberry PI to prototype your cars

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Amsterdam Electric & Connected

The transition to zero-emission transport and decentralized energy production are two building blocks of the same city of the future. Smart Charging can be used to create balance on multiple scales: on micro scale, by using renewable energy as close to where it is generated and on a larger scale within the City. Connect cars, chargers and energy production to create balance on the most local level possible.

Within the City of Amsterdam, more and more charging stations as well as solar roofs appear. To better integrate these two elements, build a system where they can interact.

Required skills: no coding experience necessary! Design the city of the future - make use of the Maker Space at Broedplaats CONTACT to build your dreams!

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Charge to the Max

To make the most out of a network, the goal of this challenge is to optimize on multiple levels. Advise users on when and where to charge, so that they as well as the other users of the network can charge when they need to. Simultaneously, the operator sees improved overall usage of the network and gets insight in where to expand. Thirdly, all users contribute to the stability of the energy network: as a whole, it can adjust to balance needs.

In this challenge by the City of Rotterdam and operator ENGIE, the goal is to improve the user experience (easily find an available charging spot when needed - both for regular users as well as visitors), the operation (better overall utilization of the network) and the future rollout (where are chargers needed and with what capacity). In the meantime, the whole network of Rotterdam provides balancing capability to ensure a stable energy grid.

Required skills: you can work on this Challenge with or without coding skills - a great concept for user interaction is as welcome as a prototype app!

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Flex Challenge

On 9 March, Alexander Savelkoul presented the Flex Challenge of Enpuls. This initiative challenges all kinds of stakeholders to come up with creative ideas to accelerate the energy transition. In his presentation, Alexander emphasizes that he would like to invite everyone who has a creative idea to go to their website and apply. For more information, see the presentation or go to  

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Data Analytics

A great presentation by Nazir Refa (ElaadNL) and Youssef El Bouhassani (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) about smart charging data.

Download Presentation 1 (pdf)

Download Presentation 2 (pptx)

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