Trendwatchers, innovators and disruptors; our speakers during the Hackathon

We are proud to announce the following people who will be speaking at our Smart Charging Challenge. Some of them will also be available as advisors or coaches for participating teams.

Hiltjo Carp 

Hiltjo Carp is naturally curious and a fast thinker with a developed listening ear. He uses these capabilities in his work as product owner at Dutch energy grid company, Alliander. Where he is working since 2009 in different advisory and management positions. His product idea is to develop a system for accurate and local prediction of solar energy production with aid of lean Startup method.  Such a system is useful for dealing efficient with supply and demand of sustainable energy. In collaboration with universities and the Dutch meteorological institute (KNMI) they develop a tool for accurate renewable energy production. Today, this tool will be launched live!  

Onoph Caron

Onoph Caron is the director of ELAADNL. ELAADNL is the knowledge and innovation centre on EV-infrastructure and smart charging for Dutch grid operators. Standardization, flexibility off the grid, infrastructure innovation, vehicle to grid and cyber security are important topics for ELAADNL.   

Jan Peter Doomernik

Jan-Peter Doomernik works as a senior Business Developer for the Dutch energy grid company, Enexis. Before, he worked at Citibank, Achmea, Essent and Fudura and brought together marketing, operations, innovation and IT.  At Enexis, he focuses on the development of future energy scenarios and solution possibilities to strengthen the energy grid and  find contributions to the society. Together with partners from universities and industries he examines disruptive technologies that could create additional value for energy infrastructures. In this quest; blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and autonomous assets play an important role. Today, he will talk about the machine-2-machine-economy, disruptive infrastructure and how fundamentally the way our economy works will change (to the better)

Auke Hoekstra

Auke Hoekstra’s mission is to accelerate the energy transition focusing on electric mobility.  As senior advisor electric mobility at Eindhoven University of Technology and Researcher smart mobility at ElaadNL he works on models that demonstrate how electric mobility and sustainable energy strengthen each other. As an expert he is allied to the national knowledge centre of charge infrastructure and advises ministries, provinces and municipalities. Auke likes to share his knowledge with great enthusiasm in presentations, and multiple reports and books. Today he will be chairman of the jury but also for his expertise he is approachable!

Robbert Monteban

With a background in the marketing sector Robbert Monteban is currently director of Electric Vehicles Nissan Benelux. Robbert is  the enthusiastic hands-on international Marketing Manager. Currently further strengthening Nissan’s position in the market for electric vehicles and energy storage. Beside his position as director of Nissan’s electric vehicles, he is board member of the Dutch Organization for Electric transport (DOET). Today he is here as an expert of electric vehicle and will present the new Nissan LEAF.

Allard Haarman

Allard Haarman works as developer at Enpuls which is an business unit of energy grid company, Enexis. Together with universities, industries, governments and start-ups he makes from innovative ideas reality.

Doede Bardok

Doede has been a project manager at the municipality of Amsterdam for nine years, specialising in sustainabillity. He worked on the ‘’Amsterdam: The electric city’’. Amsterdam is the ideal place that could be used as living lab for electric mobility.

Quirijn Oudshoorn

Quirijn is consultant sustainable mobility at the municipality of Rotterdam. The urge to deal with the growing demand for electric cars and net balancing is an important challenge that have to be dealt with.

Jeroen Schutter

Jeroen Schutter is program manager air quality for the municipality of Amsterdam. Jeroen finds solutions to environmental challenges by bringing together different stakeholders, working on relationships and taking into account different stakes. With his pragmatic view he is focused on results. For him, electric driving is an important trend that improves air quality! 

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