25 apr 2018

Four ideas for Smart Charging the future

Winners of the Smart Charging Challenge present their views on sustainable energy and electric vehicles

Living Lab Smart Charging is very proud of all the teams who participated in our Smart Charging Challenge on 9 and 10th of March this year. The winning ideas are now available as an animated pitch. Please watch, like and share!

Challenge: Here comes the Sun 

Winners: Co-Charge and Emobility scout 
Partners: Provincie Noord-Brabant

Idea: Synchronise employees daily plannings and activities with time-slots for (smart) charging their cars.  This will make the use of sustainable energy for charging more efficient and nobody has to wait for a free charging station. It can help businesses to migrate to a full electric fleet.

Amsterdam electric and connected

Winner: Ready2Share
Partners: Gemeente Amsterdam

Idea: Only electric cars can excess the inner city and no cars are allowed to park there. This will reduce air pollution. The autonomous electric vehicles will be charged outside the city and their batteries will be used to balance the energy grid.


Challenge: Autotune

Winners: Jedlix and GeRu |
Partners: Enexis and ElaadNL

Idea: Speech controlled charging for less money using an IOTA based transaction system. Your car can buy and sell energy on its own when it is needed and when it is profitable. This way you can make money selling sustainable and cheap energy when the demand is high. 


Challenge: Charge to the Max  

Winner: Secure your charge 
Partners: ENGIE and gemeente Rotterdam

Idea: Make It easier to charge smart by letting EV-drivers reserve charging stations that can provide the cheapest or most sustainable energy in the location of their choice.


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